Keynote Speakers

Dong Hwa Kim Minister of Higher EducationProf. Dr. Dong Hwa Kim, Chargé d' affaires of Higher Education in South Korea is Honourable Emeritus Professor of Hanbat National University, South Korea. He has been additionally responsible for HuCARE Research Center based out of Daejeon, South Korea. He has acquired double doctorate from Ajou University Korea and TIT (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan) on Multivariable Turbo Generating system by State feedback and Genetic Algorithm Combined with Particle Swarm Optimization/Bacterial Foraging and Its Application to PID Controller Tuning respectively. He has a wide range of experience in both academic governance and political governance.

He has been key instrumental in various projects and his project on Artificial Intelligence Computing has been more achieving more insights. He has almost 200 papers published in various fields. He has received International Einstein Award for Scientific Achievement in the year 2010 by BBC and various other awards. He is also serving as the Governing Council Member of Association of Scientists, Developers and Faculties International. He is also the President of Daedeok Korea-India Forum since 2010. He has been also invited as Researcher for Algonne National Lab and Atomic Energy Canada Lab. He has also served as President of Science Culture Research Institute, Korea Science Foundation.